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Digital Management and Governance

Maximize and Protect the Value of Your Digital Assets to Assure Integrity and to Surface Intelligent, Valuable Insights

Digital Management and Governance Services offer critical but pragmatic assessments of data quality, designs for a data quality framework, strategies, methods, and tools for data governance, and planning for optimized management of digital assets across the organization.

This service illuminates problem areas and helps develop strategies for managing the integrity of the digital assets on which your organization depends.
Create an Information Management Strategy While Assuring the Underlying Integrity of Foundational Data & Systems That Power the Business

Many data management programs have come and gone within BioPharmaceutical companies over the years with a great deal of focus on technology initiatives.

Significant energy has been expended building data warehouses and seeking ever better search engines to pull together disparate data that is dispersed throughout the organization. Yet often, it still takes tremendous effort to piece together even routine searches due to the state of the operational systems and the underlying data in some organizations. The promised efficient and effective use of digital assets has often not materialized.

Ferreting Out the Roadblocks

ResultWorks helps organizations take a critical look at the barriers to efficient and effective use of data—and even at the often-held attitude that “our data is just fine.” We help clients discover when:

  • Data standards are non-existent or ill-defined
  • Linkage of data and systems is dependent on individual people
  • “Work-arounds” are common to move digital assets through the system
  • A patchwork approach drives up labor, time, resource, and opportunity costs
Structuring Information Management To Support Business Priorities

ResultWorks goal is to help establish and guide data flow through a well-deployed system with strong data governance. The result is improved productivity, efficiency, throughput, overall quality, and compliance.

We dig in with our clients to:

  • Take a critical look at data quality
  • Build a data quality framework
  • Illuminate problem areas
  • Plan for optimized data flow across the organization
  • Develop an effective governance approach for managing data quality and integrity
Offering Services For:
  • Data Governance Strategy, Methods, and Tools
  • Data Flow Optimization
  • Data Quality Assessments
  • Data Quality Frameworks
  • Data Definition and Standardization

The Data Quality Framework provides common definitions, management approaches, tools, information technology, and governance for managing data from creation through retirement.

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A unified data curation strategy provided a clear definition of what stakeholders wanted to achieve with consistent processes, definitions, and tools.

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“This was exactly what the business needed. We have several other areas that could also use this same type of analysis.”

Director of Data Services

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For the first time functional stakeholders were able to see the range of approaches being used across the organization to solve similar data analytics challenges while appreciating the need to leverage resources for better outcomes.

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“ResultWorks did a great job of quickly grasping our clinical study process and pulling the information together for decision making.”

Director Clinical Data Management

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