Life Sciences Domain Expertise

Research and Translational

Global Chemical Ordering System Evaluation

The Situation: Mergers and acquisitions eventually catch up to you. A global pharmaceutical company with sites in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific had multiple systems and processes for ordering commercially available chemicals as well as proprietary compounds. Some sites had the luxury of newer technology while others worked with antiquated systems. Personnel transfers among sites pointed out painful differences in systems and processes. Time to think globally!

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Human Sample Asset Management

The Situation: A large global pharmaceutical organization identified the need for better control, visibility and access to all human biological samples across Research and Development.

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Global Electronic Lab Notebook Evaluation

The Situation: This global pharmaceutical company had previously searched for departmental electronic lab notebook solutions without success. After these earlier attempts, senior management determined there were significant benefits in establishing a single solution to span global chemistry organizations. The company had developed rudimentary lists of departmental requirements and had a very limited definition of the various business processes they needed to support. More definition was needed on the business processes and the requirements had to be further developed and prioritized across business units. Building consensus early was a critical success factor so that once an ELN vendor was selected, there would be full commitment to the decision – no second guessing.

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Discovery PK Process Assessment

The Situation: The Discovery PK group in a major pharmaceutical company saw continued increases in the volume of in vivo studies requested by research groups and they were struggling to keep up with the demand at the quality levels they set for themselves. Much of the process was held together by human capital moving data from system to system rather than automation. The company was looking for investment options to improve throughput, quality, and access to PK results.

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Strategic Roadmap Bridges Business & Digital Objectives

The Situation: This global pharmaceutical company had grown steadily over many decades through many acquisitions. For much of that period, technology management was decentralized allowing each business unit and site to invest independently. Over time, this led to a significant duplication of systems and processes with inconsistent data. As executive leadership called for more capabilities to leverage research and development efforts globally, it became clear that the technology strategy needed to change.

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“Everything I’ve heard indicates that this was a great engagement and you did a fantastic job. Many thanks for that. You’ve restored my faith in the use of external consultants for this sort of work.”

Vice President of Discovery Research IT

“You guys are really good at what you do! Your understandings of the project and of our company were excellent. I was initially dubious about using consultants, but I now feel that we got our money’s worth.”

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