Digital Management and Governance

Delivering High Quality Data for Innovation: Overcoming Data Governance Myths and Establishing the Foundation for Success

While artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics dominate headlines, the lack of strong data governance programs often constrain the ability of biopharmaceutical organizations to reap the benefits that these advanced technologies can provide. Discover the essential components of a successful data governance program that can be applied by any biopharma organization.

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R&D Knowledge Management – Technology Initiative or Business Fundamental

Technology driven responses are the norm. From an executive perspective, knowledge management might be better defined as the collective information and know-how needed to carry out the business.

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Knowledge Management Starts with High Quality Data

For many BioPharmaceutical companies knowledge management has been a keen interest for many years.

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Data Quality Framework – Path to Better Decision-Making

Global pharmaceutical companies face challenges as the pace, volume and complexity of R&D increases.

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