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Technology and Architecture

Platform and Data Centric Technology Approaches with a Focus on Digital Readiness and Smart Movement to the Cloud

Overwhelmed by the challenge of building an IT infrastructure that can anticipate every possible mix of business environments? Our Technology and Architecture Services help you assess your current technologies, create thoughtful platform-centric and data-centric strategies with a focus on digital readiness and smart movement to the cloud to support where the business is going.

Simplify Complexity and Ensure Scalability With a Broad, Well-Conceived Technical Framework Based on Strategic Needs

In a dynamic information and technology environment with constantly evolving requirements and user demands, a technical framework has to be able to grow with the organization over time.

ResultWorks assists in the design and implementation of a technical framework to ensure that it supports the business in a scalable fashion.

Experience has taught us that the success of a transformative technical approach depends on certain strategic and operational principles:

  • The framework has to support “thinking big” and focus on methods for integrating digital assets that is versatile enough to meet the needs of internal users as well as those of non-technical and technologically advanced external partners.
  • It must span the lifecycle of digital assets from data capture to access and use.
Forward Planning for Accessibility and Flexibility

“Thinking big” also requires a framework that supports how information will be used today and in the future including:

  • Data with a limited lifetime as part of immediate decision-making
  • Defined digital assets that need to be retained and enhanced with added metadata
  • A clear strategy for storage and access to digital assets across the virtual enterprise
  • Balancing the need to keep data where it is created and the demands to move or access that data elsewhere in the future
Offering Services For:
  • Conceptual Technical Architecture Design
  • Technology Platform Definition
  • Integration Definition & Design
  • Partner Information Exchange Definition and Design

“ResultWorks has a way of keeping us moving, keeping us focused, and delivering results.”

Information Architect

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The layered technical architecture design enables information exchange with many different partner types and information integration across R&D.

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